Why happy customers equal a happy company: Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” Marketing Campaign


Coca-Cola introduced a global marketing campaign a few years ago where vending machines and trucks were situated in different countries all around the world dispersing numerous amounts of Coca-Cola, bunches of flowers, pizza’s, and six-inch sub sandwiches to its customers. Stunts were performed in side streets, cinemas, universities and other public places resulting in a viral swish of happiness and of course a significant number (over 1 million) of YouTube views within week one of the campaign. The tag line “When will happiness strike next?” successfully stuck to consumers, because who really knows when Coca-Cola will surprise us next…

The Open Happiness Facebook page currently has over 50 million likes.

Happy consumers of Coca-Cola are providing benefits to the business, as continual positive reactions in regards to their “Open Happiness” campaign are keeping them satisfied and excited.




Four Reasons why Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness Campaign” brings happiness to both parties:

  1. High Level of Excitement

The campaign leaves consumers excited to see if the swish of happiness will appear in a location near them, this is turn leaves Coca-Cola with customers wanting more.


  1. Viral Swish

The Campaign is posted on YouTube after Coca-Cola visits a specific location, this means targeted audiences gain an insight into the happiness others experienced whilst Coca-Cola reaps the advertising benefits.


  1. Word on the Grape Vine

In the campaign videos we can see how quickly the news spreads, this leaves customers with a sense of fulfillment if they get to experience the happy machines and/or trucks. Whilst the simple name drop of the campaign for Coca-Cola means one more person knows about it, thus, it is almost inevitable this will be passed through the grape vine.


  1. Unique Idea

Before Coca-Cola created the “Open Happiness” Campaign, it wasn’t everyday that we, as customers, might possibly get a giant pizza handed to us from a vending machine. For Coca-Cola, this is a unique selling proposition that puts them up high in the market.

As a Coca-Cola consumer, I’m certainly hoping that happiness will strike me next.

Coca-Cola knows what they’re doing.

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