Gett Me Here In Under 10!?

The previous blogs relied heavily on the importance of franchising and not limiting yourself or your company to one market opposed to targeting markets globally. This company is a perfect example on how entering global markets can expand sales and consumer base. Gett is a mobile ride-ordering app, which makes it easy to order a taxi or black car in 20 cities including New York, London, Tel Aviv and Moscow. The company’s main mission is to give people time they never knew they had, whereas the goal is to continue to lead in transportation and expand into essential products and services that people use in their everyday life. Ultimately the one thing the company strives on is the fact that their main focus is making customers ETA of 10 minutes of less to satisfy immediate needs for transit and essentials. The company’s app is available on iPhone and Android, and allows you to instantly book a black care on demand, whenever you need it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.18.57 am

However the app doesn’t stop there, it also allows you to “Gett” other things like beauty and home services to dry cleaning and food & drinks – all with the same high quality service.

giphy (1)


This mobile technology spans across three continents as well as pre-booking capabilities, 24/7 live customer care, on demand whenever needed and most importantly reliable giving consumers like you and I the best experience possible!

Unknown 1

The company implemented another tactic to assist in sales and that’s simply to make an on-demand app with the same features but for businesses only. After operating in the first 2 months the company portfolio grew in an impressive time and now they cater to over 2500+ business clients. When seeing a market for business professionals and attacking it they soon became the global leader in corporate ground travel – making time, reducing costs and minimizing risk for companies and our business users worldwide.

Helpful Tips

Our helpful tip for the day is to go global but customize your service or product for each market as this helps to limit your threat of competitors and creates higher sales. The company is similar to what we have in Australia; Uber however they have created a sub version of that simply for business professionals that can assist them in transport.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to see a new market for Uber to attack in.

giphy (6)

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Connect Me

Now it would only be fair to end our last blog post on probably the biggest start-up company in history, can you take a guess what it might be? Ill give you a clue, you use it at least 2-5 times a day however if you are considered in the younger generation then the use will probably exceed to 10-15 times a day…

giphy (21)

Any idea yet?

God help us all!

God help us all!

Yep you guessed it! Well I hope you did, I welcome you the biggest online business in the world.. FACEBOOK. The social networking service was launched in February 2th 2004, founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard university student Eduardo Saverin. Initially the website was limited to only Harvard students, as they wanted to create a social forum where they can connect and communicate with each other. However over a few weeks, it expanded to other colleges in the Boston Area, which again expanded to universities in Canada and all over the United States. By 2006 this social media forum went world wide to everyone aged 13 and above with a valid email address.



Its publicity started around the game Mark created on Facebook called ‘Hot or Not’ only for Harvard students, the website allowed visitors to compare two students pictured side by side and let them choose who they believed was better looking. This form of promotion was the initial increase of traffic Facebook needed to start receiving more visitors as well as a larger database, as they had to sign in and provide their details to play the game.

After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile and add other friends, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, share videos and receive notifications when others update their profiles

On July 13, 2015, Facebook became the fastest company in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to reach a market cap of $250 billion.

Helpful Tips

Overall our last and most helpful tip to assist start-ups is to find a fun or promotional way to bring traffic in, this could be done through a competition, or sampling testing etc. Giving people a fun reason to join can very much assist traffic to sites or stores.


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Furniture To Millions?

Our next self-made millionaire is Sean Belnick who came up with idea at a young age to start selling things online. Initially it started from his mother cleaning his house and having furniture and goods to be thrown out, so Sean took the opportunity to sell the items for her. He designed his own website to serve that very purpose, the startup company only had the budget of $500 for advertising funds and $100 for web hosting fees, he began selling small items like goods from home and even Pokemon cards to first get himself familiar with the process. After getting familiar and comfortable with the site, he switched to selling office furniture – a move that ended up earning him an estimated of $24 million by the age of 20! It soon became a site many investors wanted to buy or have a share in, but Sean knew that if we managed his own site smartly there would be a bigger margin for profit. So he denied all payments and managed his site on his own, it took him months of research because he didn’t know how to manage a site with such a vast traffic increase.


Who thought office furniture can take you there?


Sean was interviewed about his business and the factors involved when creating a business from nothing and turning it into a multi-million dollar network. When asked about what it takes sean stated You have to have a desire to succeed and take risks to get there—it’s not for everyone. I love the excitement and the future growth prospects, as well as watching the company grow and prosper. You have to have ambitious goals.” He now has over 75 employees who work with him and its setting his sights on the $50 million mark – did I mention his under 25!!!


Helpful Tips


Our helpful tip this week is to reiterate what Sean himself said about success, it takes ambitious goals, the desire to succeed and risks – but make sure your risks are low and manageable

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Mobile Monopoly Money

Last weeks post spoke about the need of making your service unlike your competitors so you can have something to highlight on when promoting the product or service. Our next self-made millionaire is Adam Horwitz, who had the goal at the age of 10 to become like a millionaire.. I have that goal too but not exactly sure what happened?


giphy (23)

Adam had various start-ups websites that started when he was 15 but unfortunately he created several that flopped before finally hitting on his first successful venture with an app called Mobile Monopoly. This app’s purpose was to teach users how to turn a buck with mobile market leads, so in English it’s a great tool for people to learn how and where to invest. The year of operating his app, he earned a 6-figure profit, which he used and invested his next idea which was another app called YepText. This second app was very different to his first as this one as this app was a text advertising service that was designed for businesses and practitioners.

A-Mob-Jumps-To-Their-Feet-e1376965769761 Adam Horwitz

Adam wanted to make money, but not in the traditional way but rather though making investing into shares and companies. No body thought this venture would actually pay off as he even quoted If someone says, ‘There’s no way, you’ll never make money online, everything’s a scam online, blah blah blah,’ they’re lying. You don’t have to listen to what other people say—trust me, I went through that day-in and day-out with my friends and stuff. They did not believe that I could make money online, and then as soon as I did, I think their jaws dropped to the ground. So just go for it!”


Obviously not everything on the Internet is trustworthy but he strives his company on three principles and that’s honesty, reliability and consistency. And these pricibles has been the foundation of what his multi-million dollar company is today.

Helpful Tips

Our helpful tip this week is to venture out into the same industry but offer a different service. Adam proved that having an app for the public and having an app for businesses can assist in creating something that is a lot bigger then yourself.

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Repair Man – Tyler Dikman

Last week we covered the important tools and tactics of joint partnership and franchising when trying to expand your current business into something much, much larger. This week we are going to be looking at the self-made millionaire Tyler Dikman who like most kids started earning their money by mowing lawns, running lemonade stands and even as far as babysitting. Tyler was very dedicated to making money and he would do anything he could to bring in an income, he event did magic shows for birthday parties, charging around $25 for a 30-min presentation. Now this is one dedicated kid.


By age 10, his parents decided to buy him a computer for his birthday, a gateway, which he decided to take apart and study from the inside out. His parents were furious that he took apart the computer they bought for him, but little did they know that experience defined his career and drove him to what he does best.


As he learnt more about computers and their software’s, he started to repair his teacher’s computers – simply for fun and can we still keep in mind that he is only in 8th grade! This repairmen business led him to he revelation that he could charger others for repairs on their rigs, so he started charging $15 per hour that gave him more funds then any other 8th grader would be receiving.


Tyler still committing to his other jobs had a babysitting gig one night, however he ended up landing a job for the Vice President of Merril Lynch, Maclcom Taaffe. After some discussion, he was offered an internship by Taaffe, which gradually lead to a full-time job around 2 weeks later. Tyler in the speed of light was promoted and put in charger of the computer acquisition, setup, training and troubleshooting.


At age 15, Tyler enjoyed his computer repairs business so he decided to brand it by calling it ‘Cooltronics’ a business that started simply on the basis of a hobby. He started employing his friends and worked long hours some exceeding over 12 hours a day. He then nurtured it into a one-stop company that sells, delivers and sets up PCs for customers. After a year or so, he was named by BusinessWeek as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under the age 25 and continues to grow his business. Tyler now makes millions of dollars in sales each year, simply from a hobby he chose to follow from the age 15.

Helpful Tips

Our helpful tip this week is try make your business a one-stop shop that can offer consumers everything that might be needed in this particular industry. Tyler found that offering more services lead to consumers choosing his company over others simply because it only required the consumers to go to one shop opposed to a few.

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Online Degree’s Like No Other

This company partners with leading colleagues and university so they can deliver the world’s best online degree programs. Students in all parts of the world can actually take full advantage of the education and support 2U offers. The platform the company works on is a fusion of “cloud-based software as sad as technology and technology enabled service. Essentially it provides schools with the comprehensive operating infrastructure they need to educate and graduate”. It’s clear that not everybody is inclined to study online so this company has blended live face-to-face classes with dynamic course content, and real world learning experiences.

This company has a lot of rivalries in this particular industry serving you the contact and structure of the courses have to be unique but still exciting and educating. They offer a wide range of unique courses are designed and catered to each student and the industry they want to be apart of.

The company has raised roughly $100 million in venture capital and is a leading player in the education tech world while also being one of few that markets a software as a service. It’s clear their target market is people who want of up skill themselves however do not have the time to attend University campuses due to other commitments.


This company prides itself on making sure the employee the most advanced technologists in order to provide their students with an easy and simple to use program with all the core units and modules. The company also partners up with companies for the students to have a deeper meaning with what is expected in the industry they wish to be apart of. No other online University offers some of the services 2U provides, which makes them have a better competitor advantage. They also implemented a loan scheme to assist and not discriminate students who cant afford an education.

Helpful Tips

Our helpful tip this week in to make sure your product or service is unique in regards to competitors, like U2 they made their software and student services personalized and advanced to make sure there service is highly recommended.

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A Man Of All Trades- John Koon

John Koon, a 27 year old entrprenuer who made his first million at the early age of 16 and has now reached $80 million with his company, TyKoon Enterprises. Just incase you missed that, at 16 he made ONE MILLION DOLLARS, im pretty sure at 16 the only thing I was focused on was toys and games.

images                giphy (12)

At 16, he opened the first ever auto parts business called ‘Extreme Performance Motorsports’ in New York, which began the main suppliers for todays hit television serious ‘Pimp My Ride’. Shortly after he decided to study at Georgetown University, which got him thinking about his company and brand so in saying that, he took his storefront one step further by filling a void in the industry with his first overseas manufacturing business called – Kanoochi.

Not wanting to limit himself to the auto circuit, he decided to give the fashion industry a run for its money and made the decision to partner up with a rapper called Young Jeezy, and earned himself an astounding $40 million in the process of starting from the bottom and making your way to the top which essentially is theme of all this blogs. John is now on the fast track to becoming a billionaire and may I remind you that he is one of the youngest self-made billionaire’s to be…

I mean I’m sure we are already feeling guilty over our work in comparison to this millionaire, but his work doesn’t stop there. To top it all off, his latest expansion involves the first ever-Asian street wear couture, a company that specialises in Japanese denim, rare indigo dyes and cutting-edge secret wash formulas for clothing. The new line was focused heavily on uniqueness and exclusivity as the clothes convey a journey through the private closet of the worlds most infamous denim junkies, signifying true distinction; custom weaved, and a perfectionist approach to detail, fill, and finish, giving each style its own identity.


When John was interviewed for his hard work, he was humble and modest about the kingdom he has built for himself however he did state that nothing is more fulfilling in life then starting from nothing and passing the people who put you down on the way up – I’m sure we can all agree that yes, that would be a GREAT feeling.

Helpful Tips

Our helpful tip this week, is to franchise your-self and never limit your-self. Initially John was in the automatic industry, however he franchised his business into multiple niche markets to be what he is today. Another helpful tip learnt today is partnership; sometimes having a joint partnership on a new potential business opportunity can provide better insight and advice when entering a foreign industry and market. Guys if you learn one thing from this blog, it needs to be from John!

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The Only Open Source Video Platform- Kaltura

Our previous blog taught us the importance of personalization and how it can bring more traffic and sales to your company, brand or product. This week we will be looking at the lesson of attacking niche markets rather than broad markets in hopes that your service reaches the right viewer. This week self-made company is Kaltura, which is a New York, based Software Company that was founded in 2006. The company prides itself on their product that allows publishers and content owners to publish, manage, monetize and analyze their video and other rich-media content.

Kaltura is a powerful tool, which allows you to expand your audience while creating more effective digital communications, which essentially will assist the company, is raising revenue. The company provides the worlds first and only open source video platform, but over time, the company changed its focus to providing an open source video platform with a focus on universities, enterprises, media companies and service providers looking to deploy videos in their organisations.


The second year of operating, Kaltura won the peoples choice awards (over 250,000 users participated in voting) in the video-sharing category for the ‘Mashable’ open web awards in 2007. And if that’s not enough, they also partnered up with the New York Public Library to assist in expanding their content so every niche market was covered. This partnership helped their business grow into what it is today, so in 2008 the company was selected as on of the global 250 winners which gave the company great publicity as well as increased traffic movements on their site.

The company offers commercial and open source solutions, in hopes that this will simply content, analyse content, distribute videos and officially integrates into existing systems. This can help enrich viewers learning environment and extend their reach through distance education.

Heres a video off the Kaltura site which is too awesome not to share!

Helpful Tips


Our helpful tip this week is to not target everyone, but select a few key niches and mater them! This start-up success illustrates the importance of targeting several niches and you know what? It paid off!!


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FAQ’s: Are industry bodies really as important as we think?

Industry bodies are supposedly there to help control and regulate industries that pose and/or use a level of power or influence on others. They determine the latest trends and set rules to keep their own industries protected. They govern others and set boundaries on what is considered acceptable while providing protection against possible issues.

For Public Relations, the leading industry body is the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) provides guidance and support to over 4,000 practitioners nationwide. On their website they are highly regarded as being a credible source for PR practitioners and consultancies to turn to. Here, they see themselves as “enforcing the highest standards of ethical practice and represent public relations practitioners in the best interests of the profession.” What do you think? Can a practitioner get by without having to deal with the leading industry body?


In 2013, it was noted that over 82% of PR practitioners and consultancies approached and sought guidance from PRIA at some point during the practitioners/consultancies lifetime. Quite a high percentage.

It is my opinion that PRIA, or any industry body for that matter is a pivotal component to the success of any Public Relations organisation or consultant. They provide ethical boundaries and guidelines that set the bar for the entire PR field. It helps professionals from all different sectors to know the legal parameters and limits.

Industry bodies in any profession will update you on the latest findings in your particular field of interest and provide you with tools that can help improve the current skill sets you already have. They encourage growth through more learning and urge everyone to compete in order to provide the best learnings and findings to stay ahead of the game.

PRIA also recognises participating industry leaders and rewards them for the past work they had achieved. This pushes and motivates others to be the best they can be, creating thought groups and leaders for the industry.

So yes, industry leaders can be an important tool for the success of your career and for al learning’s in the future.

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From me to you: what’s a student to do

Well here it is readers. This is the final instalment of the blog series.

giphy (23)

I hope you’ve all had as much of a blast reading my posts as I have writing them. We’ve looked at a number of issues facing young businesswomen, we’ve been given tips and tricks from inspirational business women and looked at how to prepare ourselves for the workforce.

For my final blog I thought I’d give you some tips of my very own. These are tips for new students, current students and those looking to enter the workforce. I’ve been there, done that and bought several of the T-shirts in different colours so I thought I’d let you know some of the things that worked well for me.

  1. Do as many internships as you can

I happen to be a strange breed of person who actually likes internships. I know I’m a little bizarre. Internships are really great though if you want practical experience. At uni you’ll learn a million different theories that will be of basically no use to you so gaining some in house experience will not only help put everything into perspective, it’ll also teach you a heap of the things you’ll need to know for future employment.

giphy (24)

  1. Just because you’ve been offered an internship doesn’t mean you should take it.

What? But they said I was the best candidate, surely I should accept it! NO. Make sure the internship is actually going to give you the experience you need. If you’re just starting out you might only be able to get the coffee gopher job. If however you’re a third year student looking to enter the work force in the next 12 months or so you should really be scouting out your options. As a general rule I don’t accept an internship if they consistently mention database entry, research or ‘special projects’. If any of these things come up in an interview prob and see what they actually mean. If the special project is actually something worthwhile go for it. If it sounds sus I’d say skip it and try to find another internship opportunity.

  1. Keep your textbooks

This is particularly important if you are looking at a field like marketing, which has a number of theoretical components that are actually used in practice. Get your moneys worth and keep your textbooks. You may just find they’ll come in handy around the office.

giphy (25)

  1. Get references

If you’ve just completed an internship ask for a written reference. It looks great in your portfolio, makes for an easy reference in interview and it can give you that boost of confidence you need to push on. It’s always nice to see what people have to say about you. On that note…

  1. Get feedback

Many jobs will often have something similar to an exit interview to, not only provide staff with feedback, but also to get feedback from staff. Why not do the same for an internship? You can provide the internship provider with some feedback of your own and they can help you improve for the next internship opportunity. Win win!

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind while studying is that you’ll eventually need to go out look for work. Use your time at uni to prepare. Learn how to write a proper resume and cover letter, find a number of internship opportunities to learn more and boost your profile, and learn how to interview well so that you stand out from the other candidates.

I think that’s about it ladies and gents! I hope this blog series has helped you on your way to a successful career. Keep checking back to the MAPEXPO website for more useful materials.

giphy (26)

Thank you all for tuning in. Peace out!

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